canada goose sale Clearly these two have done well, very well. But best ever? Not even close. If you play 13 Tests, that is 260 opposition wickets to take (13 x 20). Pulling off a first of its kind event with more than 60,000 attendees is not an easy feat. Without a legacy to generate momentum, the marketing department is almost entirely responsible for getting bodies into the room. Attracting a crowd is, however, made a little easier when the event is qualified with the tagline: “created by Steve Wozniak and friends.”. canada goose sale

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canada goose official website In recent years, the festival has also had a close relationship with the German film industry, through its partnership with the Berlinale Talens programme and with numerous German delegates attending the Durban FilmMart. Following on from a focus on New German Cinema in 2007, which marked the inauguration of the Durban Talents programme, this year edition of DIFF offers a fresh take on contemporary German Film. The selection, curated by Alex Moussa Sawadogo and supported by the Goethe Institut, provides an accessible but thought provoking cross section of one of the world most important national cinemas.. canada goose official website

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